The current panorama in Ukraine calls us to take part. That is why from Proyecto RIEDEN, headed by the host center of this course 21-22, Salesianos Linares, and together with all those who wish to join, we launch the proposal “Minute of silence for peace” in order to have a moment of reflection on this whole complicated and difficult situation.

All centers that wish to participate are invited to contact the following email: contacto@proyectorieden.com

It will be next Wednesday March 16 at 11:30 and each school will hold it in their own facilities. A manifesto will be read (which you can download here) and the song “Más allá del muro” will be heard. All participants are invited to wear a white t-shirt or white painted hands during the act.

A video will be made that will be posted on the social networks of the RIEDEN project, so we ask that you send us photos of the act and, above all, a video of the reading of the manifesto (recorded horizontally).

👉 More information in this PDF document

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